$450 hearing aids

Hearing aids start from $450 with the Government subsidy

Most New Zealander’s are eligible for funding from the Government towards hearing aids. Funding of $1,022.22 for a pair of hearing aids is available once every six years for all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years or over.

With the Government subsidy, hearing aids at Bay Audiology start from $450.

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at our frequently asked questions on funding options. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can visit one of our clinics for a consultation.

Who provides the Government funding?

The funding is provided by the Ministry of Health.

Who is eligible for Government funding?

Anyone in New Zealand who is aged 16 and over and is a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident is eligible for the Ministry of Health funding towards hearing aids. 

How much funding is available to me?

The funding available is $1,022.22 for a pair of hearing aids.

If you only need a single hearing aid, you will receive $511.11. 

What will it cost me?

With the government funding, hearing aids at Bay Audiology start from $450. If you wish to get more advanced technology than what is available for $450, there will be an additional cost. 

How do I apply?

The first step is to book a hearing check at your local Bay Audiology clinic. The team will assess your hearing and determine if you have a hearing loss. If you have a hearing loss, you will then attend a diagnostic hearing consultation where your audiologist will discuss hearing solutions for you and will apply for funding on your behalf.
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