Aftercare services

We're here to support you throughout your hearing journey

At Bay Audiology, we don't believe in a one-off service. We're here to provide ongoing care and advice to help you get the most out of your hearing aids. Our hearing specialists are available to support you at any stage of your hearing journey. 

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Hearing aid services

We know how important your hearing aids are in helping you connect with those around you. This is why we do our best to ensure you get the most out of them, for as long as possible. All follow-up appointments and adjustments are free for your first year of hearing aid ownership to help get you underway.

Free clean and checks along your journey

Our team are here to help keep your hearing aids in top condition. Simply pop into your local Bay Audiology clinic to get a free clean and check of your hearing aids.

Our team can check if your hearing aids have any ear wax blockage, or if any parts (i.e. domes, filters, or tubing) need to be replaced. Any new parts needed cost $10. They will then give your hearing aids a thorough clean to ensure they are working properly.

Hearing aid warranty

If you have any problems with your hearing aids you can have peace of mind with our three-year manufacturer’s warranty. The three-year manufacturer’s warranty is on devices from Starkey, Bernafon, Oticon, Phonak and ReSound due to our partnership with them. If you have a device from a different manufacturer then this term could be shorter. At the time of reviewing which hearing aid product is right for you, your Bay Audiology clinician will provide you with more information, so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Hearing aid repairs and maintenance

Come back in anytime for a quick check and clean of your hearing aids. Our team will be able to either repair on site or advise whether your hearing aids need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

Today’s hearing aids are packed with the latest technology. They offer an array of improved features, including smartphone connectivity and rechargeable capabilities. If you are wanting to upgrade your hearing aids, our clinicians can provide support and advice on the latest developments in hearing aid technology to help you choose a new hearing aid that works for you.  

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Hearing aid consumables

Depending on the type of hearing aid you have, you may need other consumable items to keep them working in top condition. Products such as domes, tubes and wax filters need to be regularly replaced due to wax build-up. Our friendly clinic teams can help you replace these items when you come in for a free hearing aid clean and check.

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Batteries for your hearing aids

You can get hearing aid batteries at your local Bay Audiology clinic. They come in four sizes and are colour coded to help you remember the right size. Your clinician will advise which battery size is required for your hearing aid. You can also purchase hearing aid batteries through our Online Store.

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Get consumables from our Online Store

You can purchase some items through our Online Store

However, not all consumables are on our Online Store. If you need any other products, please get in touch with your local Bay Audiology clinic. 

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Cleaning products for your hearing aid

Your hearing aids need care to keep them performing as they should. It’s important to clean your hearing aids not only to maintain high performance levels, but also to help minimise any potential problems you may experience with everyday use. Get tips on how to clean your hearing aids and what tools to use here.

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