Hearing aid accessories

Enhancing your hearing experience with our hearing aid accessories.

Hearing aid accessories like the Amplifon app, TV streamers, and remote microphones are designed to help you engage with all the sounds around you. Learn more about the features of some of the Amplifon app and accessories below. If you want to find out if you could benefit from any hearing aid accessories, contact your local Bay Audiology clinic.

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The Amplifon app

The Amplifon app makes controlling your hearing aids that much easier. You can personalise your hearing aid settings by managing streaming volume, editing bass and treble settings with a click of a button. You are also able to create and save personal programs that suit your environments.

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TV Streamer

The TV streamer enables you to stream audio from your TV or other electronic sources directly to your hearing aids. It offers high sound quality and is easy to connect. Your family will be free to set their own volume settings, while you can adjust the volume to a level that suits you through the hearing aids that are connected to the streamer.

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Remote microphone

A remote microphone is a small device that connects directly to your hearing aids, making it easier for you to keep up with the conversation in other environments. It picks up the sound you want to hear and streams it directly to your hearing aids, overcoming background noise and distance to make speech sound clear.

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