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Are you finding it difficult to hear your loved ones? Book a free hearing check at one of our Auckland clinics. Our hearing specialists will help you start your journey to better hearing and find a hearing solution that’s right for you.

Bay Audiology clinics in Auckland

Visit one of our Auckland clinics for support and advice on hearing health. We offer a range of services including hearing loss diagnosis, treatments, tinnitus management, as well as hearing aid fittings, service, and maintenance

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Why you can trust Bay Audiology

We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke experiences and personalised solutions to ensure all hearing aids are best suited to your hearing needs, budget and lifestyle. Whether that is hearing aids with smartphone connectivity or rechargeable options, you can trust us to provide you with a suitable hearing solution for your needs.

Bay Audiology is the winner in the hearing services category at the Reader's Digest Quality Service Awards (2018 - 2024) and Most Trusted Brand Awards (2020 - 2023). With our customer-first approach and ongoing support and care, you can feel understood and supported throughout your hearing journey.

Find out more about our hearing aids in Auckland

Come and visit us to discover our range of hearing aids. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and capabilities. Packed with the latest technology, modern hearing aids offer an array of improved features, including enhanced smartphone connectivity and better charging capabilities. Our hearing specialists will talk you through your options and help you find a hearing aid that works for you.

Free hearing checks in Auckland

Book a free hearing check at your local clinic. This is available for anyone aged 18 and over. The check only takes up to 20 minutes, and determines whether you have hearing loss or not. Upon completion.

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Bay Audiology: Supporting your communities hearing needs

As New Zealand’s leading hearing health provider, our mission is to help people rediscover the joys of hearing. The Bay Audiology team in Auckland are here to support you throughout your hearing journey. Discover some of our services below.

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