Hearing aid care and maintenance

Taking care of your hearing aids

Your hearing aids play a vital role in helping you reconnect with the sounds around you everyday. To help keep your hearing aids in good condition, it is important to care for them daily. Regular maintenance and care can help prolong the life of your hearing aids. Follow our hearing aid care and maintenance tips below, or ask for support in one of our clinics.

Open the battery door each night

If your hearing aid has a battery door, open it each night to disconnect the batteries. There is no need to remove the batteries completely from your hearing aids, simply keep the battery door open. This helps prolong battery life of the hearing aid.

Store in a secure and dry place

Make sure to store your hearing aids in a secure and dry place when you are not using them. We recommend keeping them in the same place every day and ensuring that they are kept out of harm's way - out of reach of pets or children.

Use a hearing aid dehumidifier

Moisture build up is one of the most common reasons why hearing aids need repair. To avoid this problem, you can invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier or drying container. Simply open the battery door to turn the hearing aids off and place them in the container. Overnight, the dehumidifier will dry them out. 

Keep your hearing aids away from heat

If your hearing aids get wet for any reason, never use a hairdryer, heater, microwave or any similar device to dry it out. High heat can damage the casing and interior parts of your hearing aids. 

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Contact your local Bay Audiology clinic

If you feel your hearing aids are not working correctly for any reason, please get in touch.

Hearing aid on an office desk

Hearing aid batteries

Disposable zinc air batteries come in four sizes and are colour coded to help you remember the right size. The batteries are air-activated, which means they do not begin working until the coloured tab is removed and air is able to enter the battery cell. 

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