Adjusting your hearing aids

Aftercare services

As part of our aftercare services, you can come to us for any maintenance and adjustments needed for your hearing aids. We offer free clean and checks at all Bay Audiology clinics so that your hearing aids stay working at their best. 

Clean and checks

You can pop in to your local Bay Audiology clinic to get a quick clean and check of your hearing aids. Our team can check if your hearing aids have any ear wax blockage, or if any parts (i.e. domes, filters, or tubing) need to be replaced. Any new parts needed cost $10. They will then give your hearing aids a thorough clean to ensure they are working properly. 

Maintenance and repairs

If you are noticing constant issues with your hearing aids, they may need to be repaired. Our team will be able to advise whether your hearing aids need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Cost for repairs depends on the issue and what is needed for repair.

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Adjusting your hearing aids manually

Some hearing aids have manual control buttons that can help adjust its volume settings. You can also use the control button to change programs and set other features according to the activiations your audiologist has made for your hearing aids. To find out whether your hearing aids can be adjusted manually and to learn how to do so correctly, get in touch with your audiologist.

Hearing aid adjustments

In addition to clean and checks of your hearing aids, you may need follow-up adjustments to your hearing aid settings. If you are noticing volume fluctuations, high-pitched sounds or discomfort, it is best to book an appointment with your audiologist. They can adjust your hearing settings if necessary to ensure they are meeting your needs. 

Watch our video on how to adjust your hearing aids manually.

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