Diagnostic hearing test

Details about diagnostic hearing tests

The following tests are included as part of your diagnostic hearing test. This comprehensive assessment will allow your audiologist to understand your hearing needs in detail and explain everything to you. The test takes 60- 75 minutes and costs $79.


Your audiologist will look into your ear canal with a magnifying tool called an otoscope. This helps rule out any physical abnormalities or wax build-up that could be causing hearing difficulties.

Air Conduction Testing

Your audiologist will place soft foam earphones inserted into your ears and ask you to press a button when you hear a beep. This test measures your hearing thresholds at a range of different pitches and is used to determine the extent and pattern of your hearing loss.

Bone Conduction Testing

Your audiologist will use a headband to position a vibrating box behind your ear. This sends sound directly to your inner ear via the bones in your head. The results will help us determine what type of hearing loss you have and allows us to recommend the appropriate treatment option.

Speech Audiometry

Your audiologist will be asking you to repeat some lists of simple words. This test helps us find out how well you are able to process speech. It is a vital part of the full diagnostic hearing assessment because it lets us know how your hearing loss affects you and how much you will benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing Needs Assessment

Your audiologist will have a conversation with you about how you experience your hearing and ask a series of questions about your lifestyle to get an idea of your hearing needs. This is the best way for the audiologist to recommend the best solution to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Once the assessment is complete, we will explain the results and recommend if any further investigation or treatment is required by a medical professional. If the tests confirm a hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids, your audiologist will then work with you to find the ultimate product to suit your budget, technology and lifestyle.

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Personalised hearing solutions

As New Zealand’s most trusted hearing specialists, you can count on us to create a personalised hearing solution that is unique to you and your hearing needs. Our team will work with you to understand your hearing needs in detail so you get the best hearing solution for you.

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