Custom-made earplugs

Protect your ears with custom hearing protection

We offer a range of custom-made earplugs for various industries and recreational activities such as musician ear plugs, communication earpieces, water protection for swimming, sleep plugs, and hearing protection against loud noises from hunting, heavy machinery and more.

Why choose custom-made earplugs?

Wearing earplugs that are custom-made to fit your ears offer optimum noise and sound reduction. If you need to wear earplugs for long periods of time, such as for work or for sleeping, we recommend getting custom-made earplugs to ensure a more comfortable fit and better protection. Benefits of made to measure earplugs include:

  • They are perfectly moulded to your ear for comfort and optimal protection.
  • They last for several years (depending on growth, age or change of body weight).
  • Some have integrated noise filters to allow you to still hear important conversations, despite the reduction in sound.
  • Earplugs are available in several models and colours.
  • They are less visible because they sit deeper inside the ear canal.
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Get custom earplugs for your needs

Get in touch with your local Bay Audiology clinic to find out more about our range of custom earplugs. Our team will be able to help you find a pair that works well with your needs and environment.

Who would benefit from custom earplugs?

One of the most common reasons for hearing loss is exposure to loud noise, also known as noise-induced hearing loss. Repeated exposure to sound levels at or above 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. This is why hearing protection is so important. Hearing loss may be irreversible, however it is preventable with the right protection. Therefore, custom earplugs are extremely beneficial for people who work in noisy environments or participate in recreational activities such as swimming and hunting. They are also helpful for people who are light sleepers and may struggle to sleep or rest. 

Earplugs for swimming and water sports

Water related ear conditions such as surfer's ear, swimmer's ear and earache are common among swimmers. Using custom earplugs as water protection during swimming can reduce the occurance of these conditions, and help protect the ear against water and moisture. 

Suitable for: Swimmers, surfers, those with a history of ear infections, anyone with ruptured eardrums.

Earplugs for music and concerts

Musicians are constantly exposed to loud musical sounds which can cause hearing loss. The intensity and duration of the noise can determine the severity of the hearing loss. We provide Musican earplugs that protect the ears by reducing sound dosage while also maintaining music quality.

Suitable for: Musicians, sound crews, DJ's, bands, orchestras, concert goers, night club staff and patrons

Earplugs for travelling

It can be difficult to get proper rest when travelling, especially when there may be loud noises around you. Custom earplugs are also useful when travelling to get rest on loud airplanes, trains or car rides.

Suitable for: Comfortable travelling, carefree studying

Earplugs for work

If there is a lot of noise in your work environment or if you work at home with devices, you should protect your ears. Some earplugs for this situation ensure that you can continue to listen, talk and hear any necessary noises whils also protecting your ears from loud noise.

Suitable for: Workers in loud environments 

Cost of custom-made earplugs

Custom earplugs are a good investment for those in need of good quality hearing protection. The cost for different earplugs can vary. To get an idea of pricing for your hearing protection needs, please get in touch with your local Bay Audiology clinic. 

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