Living with hearing aids

Getting used to your hearing aids

When you are first fitted with a hearing device, sounds may seem too loud. This is because you have adjusted to having less hearing over time. At first, noises might be amplified or distorted because your brain may need to re-learn sounds. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Most people take four to six months to get used to new hearing aids.

Give it a little time

Hearing different sounds and sensations is a normal part of becoming accustomed to your new hearing ability, and there is nothing to worry about if you experience the following:

  • Hear echoes
  • Feel like your ears are blocked up
  • Notice your voice sounds a little louder
  • Feel tired due to the new sounds being pick up

Your brain can take some time to get used to these changes, but your ears will soon adjust to your new hearing aids - you just need to give them some time.

Keep using your hearing aids

The more you wear your hearing aids, the quicker you will get used to them. Some people can wear them all day immediately. Other people can only manage a few hours to start with, then slowly increase their wearing time each day.

Some people can wear their devices in quiet and noisy places from day one, while others need to practice with their hearing aids in quiet areas before attempting noisy places.

Tips for getting used to hearing aids

Everyone takes longer to get used to wearing hearing aids in noisy environments. Try the following to help you get used to them faster:

  • Try different situations where you feel comfortable wearing your hearing aids in both quiet and noisy places.
  • Wear them for as long as you can.
  • Increase wearing time every day.

Managing annoying sounds

Noise comes in various forms. To help reduce the annoyance, hearing aids may act to reduce noise like wind and background noise, sudden loud or low level noises. If you have any questions about your hearing aids, please don't hesitate to contact your local Bay Audiology clinic.
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Exercising with hearing aids

Modern hearing aids are designed to suit your lifestyle, so you can keep on moving. However, there are steps you should take to ensure your hearing aids are not being exposed to excessive sweat or moisture while exercising which can damage the delicate internal electrical components.

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