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Bay Audiology offers free hearing checks for people aged 18 years and over. This check can determine if you have hearing loss or not. The check is designed to take 20 minutes, and all you need to do is press a button each time you hear a sound. Upon completion, we may recommend a diagnostic hearing test with a clinician to determine the severity and type of hearing loss, along with what steps to take next.

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Free screening test

At Bay Audiology we don’t believe you should pay for a service that you may not need. That’s why we provide this free screening test to all Kiwis as an opportunity to check your hearing and determine whether a detailed diagnostic hearing test is required.

If you already suspect you have hearing loss, then the diagnostic hearing test is the better assessment for you. The free hearing check will only show if you have a hearing loss, the next step is a full consultation with your audiologist.

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Diagnostic hearing test

The diagnostic hearing test will determine the extent of your hearing loss and find the most suitable options for you. The results are immediate and at this appointment, the audiologist will take the time to explain everything in detail, so you feel confident in the knowledge and options available to you. This appointment is $79.

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