Bay Audiology and the Amplifon Group

Bay Audiology are a part of the Amplifon Group

For over 10 years, Bay Audiology have been part of the Amplifon Group. Amplifon is the global leader in hearing health care. With over 70 years’ experience and a presence in close to 30 countries, Amplifon’s relationship with the industry’s leading hearing aid manufacturers is unrivalled in New Zealand.

Amplifon technology

Amplifon source the world’s best technology, helping Bay Audiology give clients a personalised experience alongside the best range of products.

Bay Audiology are proud to now offer the new range of Amplifon hearing aids. These hearing aids combine advanced technology and functionality to give you the ultimate hearing experience. In the Amplifon hearing aid range, products from ReSound (Denmark), Oticon (Denmark) and Phonak (Switzerland) are available.

A girl with an audiologist in a Bay Audiology store

Product range

Exclusive to the Amplifon product range and Bay Audiology clients is a new personalised app to help support you throughout your hearing journey. The ability to adjust your hearing aid settings through your smartphone, create and save personal programs, and enable a find my hearing aid function are at your fingertips with Amplifon app compatible hearing aids.

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