Assistive listening devices

Accessories to make your life easier

Hearing aid accessories like amplified phones, TV streamers, and remote microphones are designed to help you engage with all the sounds around you. 

What are assistive listening devices?

Assisted listening devices are products specifically designed to improve the auditory experience by enhancing specific sounds within different environments.

To be more specific in answering the question ‘What are assistive listening devices’. Assistive listening devices for home environments may include special alarm clocks, adaptable telephones, or TV streamers that work to amplify sound and reduce background noise, offering you a clearer and more enjoyable audio experience.  Some assistive devices work with hearing aids e.g. remote microphones and some are totally independent i.e. adaptable telephones.  

Enhance your listening experience

You can once again hear the sounds of everyday life using assistive devices for hearing-impaired individuals. These devices can make it easier to hear conversations on the phone, the TV and even hear clearly from a distance using microphones. The assistive listening systems available from Bay Audiology can increase sound volume and improve overall clarity, all the while reducing background noise. Learn more about the features of some of these accessories below.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of hearing aid accessories or other types of assistive listening devices, feel free to reach out to the friendly customer service team at Bay Audiology or pop into your local clinic.

What is the difference between an assistive listening device and a hearing aid?

A common question we get asked in the audiology profession is, “Are hearing aids assistive technology?”. The answer is yes, but it's essential to understand the difference between an assistive listening device and a hearing aid. Both devices have been designed to improve the hearing experience; however, hearing aids are usually used to amplify all sounds, while assistive listening devices are designed to enhance the clarity of specific sounds in certain environments. Often assistive devices for hearing-impaired individuals can be paired with hearing aids to provide a more comprehensive and tailored hearing solution.

Types of assistive listening devices

A wide variety of assistive listening systems are available to help those with hearing issues, with each product designed to cater to an individual's specific needs. Some types of assistive listening devices on the market include:

  • Personal amplifiers: These devices are helpful in environments where background noise can make conversation difficult.
  • TV streamers: They enable you to transfer audio from your TV or other electronic sources directly to your hearing aids. This means you can watch TV without turning the volume too high.
  • Phone amplifying devices: They enhance the sound of a telephone ring and the conversation too.
  • Alerting devices: Designed to alert hard-of-hearing individuals to specific sounds in their homes, such as a doorbell or alarm clock. Usually, these devices are quite customisable, allowing individuals to tailor the systems to their space and requirements.

While many great and effective assistive devices are available, selecting a device that best suits your hearing requirements is crucial. The team at Bay Audiology can guide you through this process, helping you to find your perfect fit. Reach out to our friendly team today to take the first step towards a healthier and happier future!

Phones for hearing impaired

When a person has hearing loss, having phone conversations can become more difficult. Hearing-impaired phones or amplified phones can help make telephone interactions a lot easier. They amplify sounds making it easier to hear and have large buttons which are suitable for visually impaired people or people with limited dexterity.

TV Streamer

The TV Streamer enables you to stream audio from your TV or other electronic sources directly to your hearing aids. It offers high sound quality and is easy to connect. Your family will be free to set their own volume settings, while you can adjust the volume to a level that suits you through the hearing aids that are connected to the streamer.

Remote microphone

A remote microphone is a small device that connects directly to your hearing aids, making it easier for you to keep up with the conversation in other environments. It picks up the sound you want to hear and streams it directly to your hearing aids, overcoming background noise and distance to make speech sound clear.

Amplified phones and cordless

Amplified phones are useful devices for those with hearing loss and hearing aids to hear better over the phone. Learn more about how amplified phones work and how they can help you communicate with loved ones. 

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