Hearing tips for winter

Sep, 01, 2021

Remember to protect your ears

Cold weather can take a toll on your hearing, which is why you must give it the extra protection it needs during the winter months. So when you bundle up with coats and gloves to protect yourself from the cold, remember to follow these tips to protect your hearing too.

1. Keep your ears dry and warm

Wear a beanie, hat, earmuffs, or scarf to protect your ears not only from the cold, but from wind and moisture. 

2. Keep your hearing aids dry

If you wear hearing aids, you'll need to keep them dry to prevent moisture build-up and technical malfunctions. Consider using a Dry Cup or Dehumidifer, which are special drying canisters for hearing aids. The PerfectDry Lux Dehumidifer sanitises and dries your hearing aids within 45 minutes. You can purchase this from our Online Store.

If you don't have a Dehumidifier, remember to remove your hearing aid batteries and clean your hearing aids with a dry cloth regularly.

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3. Address allergies or flu symptoms

Many people experience more allergies in winter. If you don't act on your allergies right away, it could cause plugged ears. Visit your doctor to assess what kind of allergy medications you can take.

The flu can cause an ear infection called otitis media. This can be treated with antibiotics. If you notice you have flu symptoms, see your doctor for advice on medication

4. Keep extra hearing aid batteries

Colder temperatures affect the functioning of nearly all battery-powered electronics. To be prepared, always keep an extra pack of hearing aid batteries on hand during winter. 

5. Use earplugs

If you're taking your swimming indoors this winter or heading out in the rain, use earplugs to prevent moisture build-up. Using quality earplugs helps to keep the water - and the threat of infection - at bay. For advice on ear plugs get in touch with your local Bay Audiology clinic.

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