Amplified phones

Amplified phones for those with hearing loss

Amplified phones are useful devices for those with hearing loss and hearing aids to hear better over the phone. Learn more about how amplified phones work and how they can help you communicate with loved ones. 

What is a hearing impaired phone?

Having phone conversations can become more difficult for those who may have hearing loss as they often find it hard to hear people through a telephone. Hearing-impaired phones or amplified phones can help make communicating over the phone a whole lot easier. They amplify sounds making it easier to hear and have large buttons which are suitable for visually impaired people or people with limited dexterity. 

Amplified phones: how do they work?

Amplified phones have a built-in amplifier that helps increase the loudness of sounds and tone controls that adjust the frequency of a callers voice. These features make it easier to hear and communicate with the caller on the other end. Many amplified phones also have a ‘slow talk mode’ that has the ability to slow down the audio to make it easier to understand fast talkers. 


Amplified phones at Bay Audiology

Bay Audiology offer the Uniden Amplified Phone which is a cordless phone that has a range of features to help you communicate better, including a large display screen and buttons, extra loud volume, slow talk mode and more. 

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