Hearing aid types

In-the-ear (ITE)

Comfortable and small

Experience all the emotions of sound with a range of different in-the-ear hearing aids. Find out how you can benefit from an enhanced listening experience using the latest innovative technology. This can be completely customisable to your individual hearing needs giving you full connectivity to what’s going on around you.

Latest technology


Easy to handle

Custom built

Latest technology

So tiny you won't notice

Modern in-the-ear hearing aids are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment. These hearing products use noise reduction and directional technology for more natural hearing.

You no longer have to put up with high-pitched squealing noises when you use the phone. It’s also easier to distinguish between different sounds, and to follow conversations. Some options even offer MP3 players and Bluetooth connectivity for your comfort and entertainment.

ITE hearing aid in the hand


Made for your comfort

It can take just 10 minutes to take the impression of your ears for perfectly fitted hearing aids. Your hearing specialist uses earmoulds to create your custom-made in-the-ear hearing aids. This bespoke approach ensures your hearing aids are an exact match for the contours of your ears.
A man wearing hearind aid while listening to music

Easy to handle

Easy to fit and clean

Whilst smaller hearing aids might be more discreet, you may find some of the larger in ear styles are easier to put in place or remove especially if you experience dexterity problems. This can also make in-the-ear hearing aids easier to clean and maintain.
An in-the-ear hearing aid, a guitar and a vinyl

Custom built

Tailored to you

Custom hearing aids are moulded to the shape of your ears. This allows for incredibly easy handling, insertion and removal. There are several types of custom devices that vary in size. The latest invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing devices are the desired choice for those who are interested in a near-invisible look.

Note: The type of technology in your chosen device will be based on your hearing needs and budget.

Hearing aids on the table

Discover the benefits of our hearing aids

With a variety of different styles and models with varying levels of technology, our hearing specialists can discuss what types of hearing aids are available and how the different technology works so that the best solution can be found for your hearing needs.

A woman wearing an ITE hearing aid


Designed to be seen, not heard

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We'll help you find a soultion that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

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How to care for your hearing aids

Our range of aftercare products help keep your hearing aids in top condition.

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Hearing aids maintenance

Look after your hearing aids by protecting and cleaning your hearing device and visit your local clinic for a free hearing aid check and clean. 

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Hearing aid batteries

Learn more about the different sizes of hearing aid batteries and buy them online here. 

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