World Hearing Day

To Hear For Life, Listen With Care
Feb, 22, 2023

World Hearing Day is celebrated each year on 3 March. Each year, the day aims to raise the awareness of how to prevent hearing loss and promote hearing care across the world.

The theme for 2022 is ‘To Hear For Life, Listen With Care’ which is all about the importance of safe listening and that hearing care, combined with safer exposure to loud sounds, can prevent hearing loss.

The team at Bay Audiology are here to support you with your hearing, no matter what your situation. What better time than now, to think about any steps you need to take to improve your hearing health. Book your free hearing check today.

Audiologist testing the man's hearing.

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Hearing loss causes

Hearing loss has many different causes and contributing factors. Age related hearing loss is the most common. Hearing loss can also be caused by excessive exposure to loud noise. 

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Audiologist testing the man's hearing.
Audiologist testing the man's hearing.

Hearing protection

An estimated 10% of the world’s population have some degree of hearing loss. Of these, one third damaged their hearing from excessive exposure to sound that could have been avoided.

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