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Phone: 07 575 5700

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Bay Audiology Te Puke Hearing clinic

At the Bay Audiology clinic in 69 Jellicoe Street, Vivian Edgar Optometrists, you'll encounter a dedicated audiologist eager to understand your requirements and determine the ideal hearing aid solution for you. Don't hesitate to book your free hearing check today!

Directions and parking

Arriving by car Located within the Vivian Edgar Optometrists, beside the PaperPlus store.
Parking nearby On-street parking is available in front of the clinic.

Our specialisations

Hearing tests

Hearing tests


We offer free hearing checks for anyone aged 18 and over. If hearing loss is detected, we will recommend a full diagnostic hearing test to determine the full extent of your hearing loss and discuss next steps.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids


We have a wide range of hearing aids that vary in style, size and capabilities. Our hearing specialists will work with you to find hearing aids that are suited to your needs, lifestyle and budget. To help keep your hearing aids working as efficiently as possible, we will also provide ongoing hearing aid repair and maintenance, including free clean and checks throughout your hearing journey. 




Our hearing specialists can offer support on how to manage your tinnitus symptoms. As treatment plans are specific to individual needs, we’ll ask you some screening questions and conduct a diagnostic hearing test to find the best options for your lifestyle needs.




At Bay Audiology, we don't believe in a one-off service. We're here to provide ongoing care and advice to help you get the most out of your hearing aids. Our hearing specialists are available to support you at any stage of your hearing journey. 
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We take care of your hearing.

1 We'll help you find the right hearing solution.
2 A network of 120 clinics in New Zealand.
3 Support throughout your hearing journey.

Why choose Bay Audiology?

By choosing us as your hearing clinic Bay Audiology Te Puke, you're selecting the expertise and support of qualified, experienced  audiologists who are dedicated to helping you transform your listening experience and engage fully with the world around you.

Services at Bay Audiology Te Puke hearing clinic

Our Bay Audiology hearing clinic offers the following products and services, among others:

  • Free hearing checks
  • Diagnostic hearing tests
  • Hearing aids 
  • Customised hearing solutions.
  • Accessories for hearing aids.
  • Products for the repair, cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid batteries.
  • Standard and customised hearing protectors.
  • Post-purchase counselling and fitting.

Connect with us at 0800 700 851 to schedule your appointment.

Bay Audiology hearing aids

Are you noticing changes in your hearing? Do you struggle to hear others and feel uneasy in noisy environments or crowded places? By taking proactive measures, we can effectively enhance our hearing health and prevent issues stemming from frequent exposure to loud noises, infections, or neglecting regular check-ups. At Bay Audiology Te Puke, we offer top-notch hearing services customised to your needs, featuring a diverse range of high-quality hearing aids:

We offer you the most sophisticated technology in a range of hearing solutions that fit your needs and fit your budget:

  • Ampli mini ITE and RIC: small, almost invisible with unrivalled performance. Tailor-made to fit discreetly inside the ear canal.
  • Ampli energy RIC, ITE and BTE: the comfort of hearing aids without batteries
  • Ampli connect RIC and BTE: the latest generation of hearing aids allows you to connect instantly to your TV or phone.

Visit our hearing clinic at 69 Jellicoe Street, Vivian Edgar Optometrists for a comprehensive hearing assessment and discover how we can assist you in improving your hearing health.

Professional hearing protection and hearing aid accessories

Thanks to the skills and many years of experience of Bay Audiology's hearing aid specialists, you will be able to receive personalised hearing advice and tailor-made services at Bay Audiology Te Puke. In addition, the fitting of our hearing aids will also be carried out by Bay Audiology's hearing aid specialists to ensure optimal comfort and a satisfactory hearing experience. 

At Bay Audiology Te Puke we also offer hearing protection (protective earplugs for water sports, sleeping earplugs) and various types of custom earplugs that can be used in different situations (at night, during concerts, etc.).

Of course, hearing aid batteries are also available in our Bay Audiology Te Puke clinic in 69 Jellicoe Street, Vivian Edgar Optometrists.

Hearing Aid Repair

Our Bay Audiology Te Puke hearing clinics offers a comprehensive repair and hearing aid maintenance service, including
  • Hearing aid adjustment
  • Diagnostics
  • Repair or replacement
  • Quality control
  •  Cleaning: at Bay Audiology, we offer advice on how to carry out this in the best possible way and also provide you the products that will make cleaning your hearing aid an easy and intuitive process.

Hearing loss and ear disorders

Bay Audiology offer a range of services which support preventative, diagnostic and rehabilitative solutions to hearing loss. At the Bay Audiology Te Puke clinic you can talk to our audiologists, who will share all the necessary information you need thanks to their expertise. 

Also in Bay Audiology's blog and customer stories on the website, you will find information and advice about ear health and testimonials from customers who share their experiences and practical guides to using and maintaining hearing aids. 

High-quality, affordable assistance

At our Bay Audiology Te Puke in 69 Jellicoe Street, Vivian Edgar Optometrists, we offer a range of services to suit your hearing needs. These services include hearing loss diagnosis, treatments and management, as well as hearing aid fittings, servicing, and maintenance.

Our specialists will always be at your disposal for servicing and cleaning your hearing aids and for purchasing all our other products like batteries and accessories.

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