Gib has noticed a big difference

Aug, 02, 2021

Gib realised he had hearing loss when he couldn’t hear the music around him. “I first noticed that my hearing was going because I play music in loud bands and there were amplifiers that I used to stand right next to. People would be singing and I couldn’t quite hear them to change chords. Eventually, my hearing got to the point where my wife was having to repeat anything she said two or three times.”

After initially being in denial, his wife suggested he go and get his hearing checked again. “Michelle and Mei at Bay Audiology made me feel extremely comfortable. I had a hearing aid in the 80’s but they showed me how much the technology has improved. They make all the difference – it’s just lovely.”

"When I got these new hearing aids, compared to my old ones, I was just blown away."

"When I got these new hearing aids, compared to my old ones which I had for ten years, I was just blown away. Just amazing. I love them, If anyone has old hearing aids for several years, I suggest getting new ones and see the difference - it's just amazing what it does around you. I can go into a cafe or restaurant and I can hear conversations around me. I don't need to shout anymore or repeat myself, I can hear the first time. It has changed my life."

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