Lisa’s journey to rediscovering the joys of hearing

Aug, 22, 2023

Lisa was amazed at the difference hearing made to her life

After having experienced issues with her hearing and then getting swimmers ear, Lisa’s doctor suggested she visit a hearing specialist.

“My doctor actually said, ‘I think you should go for a hearing test’. So, I went for a test at Bay Audiology.”

When trying on hearing aids for the first time with her audiologist, Lisa found the incredible impact they had on her ability to hear and was delighted by how many options there were.

“She put them in, turned them on and I got such a fright because I could actually hear people in reception. Hearing for the first time like that, it was amazing. I thought, ‘Oh, my word!’.”

Lisa found the service and experience at Bay Audiology personalised to her needs.

“They gave me so many options and were able to give me a hearing aid that would suit my lifestyle.”

“It was like they were looking after a family member, and they wanted to make sure that what I was taken care of.  “It was such an amazing experience, a wonderful, easy experience and everyone was just so helpful. It wasn’t just one-size fits all, and nothing was a problem.”

Experience the difference great service makes at Bay Audiology


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