Erwin’s message to other grandparents

Aug, 22, 2023

Erwin realised just how much he was missing out on.

“It wasn’t nice. Especially with the grandchildren, my daughters and wife, and friends, you knew you were missing out.”

It came to a point where Erwin realised things were getting worse with his hearing. “You pass it off, she’ll be right, you know the typical Kiwi attitude.”

“I had to admit it. It came to a point where I had to get something done about my hearing.”

Erwin took his first step to better hearing by booking an appointment at Bay Audiology. “Other people had been there and recommended them, so I went and made an appointment. They’re great to deal with and they’re thorough” 

“They put you at ease straight away. I’ve made the best decision of my life with the best help.”

“I feel more connected with the grandkids now because I can converse with them properly. If I was to tell other grandparents, I’d say go get it done, kids grow up so quickly nowadays and those moments that you have with them and being connected to them, is so precious.” 


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