Jim’s experience at Bay Audiology

Aug, 22, 2023

Jim was happy he hadn't put it off any longer

After putting off doing something about his hearing, Jim is glad he took that first step.

Jim struggled with hearing loss for quite a while. “It happened longer than I would want to say”, he confessed and despite his wife’s insistence, he kept putting it off thinking other things were more important. “You don’t realise that things can be different and can be better.”

After seeing an advertisement for Bay Audiology, Jim made an appointment, “They made a big impression on me from the first moment.”

After being nervous about what his results were going to be, he was happy that he could improve his hearing, “I was just fearful that I was going be told things were bad. The audiologist talked me through it, and she calmed me down. She said, ‘Look the results are this but we can do something about it.’”

Jim’s life changed with his new hearing aids. “I’ve got the small ones that fit behind the ear."

"People say to me, 'I can't see your hearing aids,' and I say, "No that's the good thing.''

Jim now embraces a world full of sound and is cherishing every conversation with his loved ones.

“I have two incredible sons and I love them both and it’s just easy to talk to them again.”

Jim has advice to anyone who might suspect they have a hearing issue, “If you’ve got an issue, get it sorted.”

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