Jane’s newfound confidence

Aug, 22, 2023

Jane is proud to wear hearing aids.

Jane had been struggling with hearing loss at work, feeling frustrated about having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves.

“I just actually couldn’t hear people. I’d spend the whole day asking people to repeat themselves.”

Jane had put off doing anything about her concerns about her hearing because of a common fear people have regarding hearing aids.

“I took so long to get my hearing checked because ‘that’s what old people do.’ It was a colleague at work who is a lot younger than me who wears hearing aids, so I asked her about them and realised that there’s lots of young people that have them.”

After encouragement from a friend, Jane sought help from Bay Audiology. 

“They were very respectful, very friendly, very caring, and the people were fabulous.”

With hearing aids, Jane’s life transformed, she regained confidence, joined a choir, and could hear the wind in the trees.

 “I feel much more confident, and, no one’s noticed my hearing aids, sometimes I take them out to show people because I’m very proud of them!”.  

Her advice to others, “It all starts with a very simple hearing test. It’s not a biggie.”

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