Mike's quality of life has improved

Aug, 01, 2021

Mike first realised that his hearing wasn’t the best when he was 10 but didn’t do anything about it until much later in life.

When he finally came to see Bay Audiology, and got hearing aids, he realised “this is what normal hearing sounds like.” Mike’s quality of life has changed significantly. “My quality of family life has changed quite a lot, simply the kids aren’t having to repeat themselves. My advice as someone who’s had hearing aids would be if you think you have hearing loss, then you do have hearing loss and you are missing out. It’s actually quite good in New Zealand; the Government gives you a $1000 subsidy towards hearing aids, and with Bay Audiology, the process is just incredibly smooth. I couldn’t recommend them higher to be honest.”

"With the hearing aids now it's quite nice, you're a lot more aware of everything."

"With the hearing aids now it's quite nice, because you're alot more aware of everything, you're more in tune. I don't mind cafes and restaurants now, I can just adjust them if it's too much, turn them up or down accordingly. I'm not losing passing conversation or having to wildly turn my head around to pick up the right person. I'm just a lot more comfortable going out now and with my personal life, more with my children than anything."

Hear more from Mike about his experience with hearing aids.


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