Otele can finally hear again

Aug, 02, 2021

Otele first suspected he had hearing loss over 10 years ago, and after his wife also mentioned that she was repeating herself a lot, he decided to get a free hearing check at his local Bay Audiology clinic. “They were very helpful and professional, they proved my hearing loss and explained everything. I was quite impressed with my first appointment.” Since getting hearing aids, Otele has noticed a lot of changes, not with just what he hears, but how he feels in conversations. “There is so much that came to life when I got my hearing aids.  I can participate in conversation at home with my wife, and with the Bluetooth feature I can Facetime my 3-year-old grandson in Melbourne. It’s a joy to be able to talk to him and understand what he says.”

"There is so much that came to life when I got my hearing aids."

"I play a lot of golf. And on the golf course there is a lot of talking as you walk along with friends. You can hear them talking, checking up and having jokes. I am able to participate in all that. I enjoy it, joining in the fun of it with people around me."

Check out Otele's interview to hear what he has to say about his experience


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