Margret can enjoy life again

Aug, 01, 2021

Margret started noticing changes in her hearing about 25 years ago. “My hearing started to fade. I was not hearing lots of things, phone calls, people talking to me.  I got told I yelled a lot and to “keep your voice down,” so I went and had a hearing test.”

After Margret got in touch with Bay Audiology, she realised what a difference hearing aids can make. “Hearing loss is hard to explain really. You are very isolated not being able to hear correctly and you don’t realise it, until you actually get hearing aids and then you realise what you have missed out on.”

"When you can hear correctly, you can enjoy life. My quality of life is so much better."

"Unless you say, people don't notice that you've got hearing aids. They're not like the big things they used to be."

“I think they’re just wonderful, every couple of years they come out with more technology. I can answer my phone and it goes straight to my hearing aids, I love that. When you can hear correctly, you can enjoy life. My quality of life is much better.”

Dennis, Margret's husband, also loves her new hearing aids. "It did make a huge difference. We're only here a short time and quality of life is what matters."

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