Stephen has gained his confidence back

Aug, 01, 2021

As years went on, Stephen noticed how much he was missing because of his hearing. “There was just so much I was missing out on. I couldn’t hold up a conversation, or hear what people were saying.”

“I decided to go to Bay Audiology and they were absolutely wonderful. I just wish I’d done it a lot earlier.” Stephen took advantage of the Government subsidy to get his new pair of hearing aids. “Bay Audiology go through everything with you, step by step. It’s so simple.”

"It’s changed my life. The confidence it has given me is just amazing."

Getting hearing aids has helped Stephen gain back his confidence and be a part of the family again. “It’s changed my life. The confidence it has given me is just amazing.” Stephen’s daughter, Hollie, has also noticed how much of a difference hearing aids has made on her father’s life. “My dad’s changed quite a lot, his self-esteem has definitely been boosted and he can finally be part of our conversations at the dinner table.”

“I’m just so happy with the hearing aids” Stephen says. “There’s so many things I’ve missed out on, it’s time to finally catch up.”

Learn more about Stephen's journey to better hearing in his video.


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